Restaurant Grade Charcoal

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Only available in the Cambridgeshire area.  

12kg of high quality lumpwood charcoal.

If you are serious about barbecuing, you need to get serious about charcoal.

We sell high grade, hardwood charcoal, in big bags, delivered to your door.

Our charcoal is a mix of White Quebracho and other hardwoods. Our charcoal is screened to be in the size range 40mm – 150mm resulting in similar size pieces that burn evenly.

This charcoal is dense, lights easily and burns very hot. It’s much better value than the stuff you’ll find in the supermarket. One of these bags will probably last you a months or two and three bags should last the whole summer.

Pro Tip: when you have finished cooking, close all the vents on your barbecue and the coals will cool off and be ready for next time.

Delivery in the Cambridgeshire area only. We aim to fulfil all orders on Fridays ready for the weekend.