Close up of universal grill handle gripping a cast iron grill with text overlay
Close up of universal grill handle gripping a cast iron grill
Chimney Topper Grill and Handle Set
Close up of Axel Perkins Brand on universal grill handle gripping a weber grill.
Close up of branding on universal grill handle in person's hand.
close up of the universal grill handle grilling a cast iron grill from underneath

Chimney Topper Grill and Handle Set

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If you already own a charcoal chimney starter that is 22cm or smaller across, this one's for you.

Transform your chimney starter into a small, portable barrel barbecue with the best cast iron grill accessory on the market. 

If you want the same results as steak houses and meat-centric celebrity chefs without spending thousands of pounds on restaurant grade equipment or massive ceramic eggs then buy this bbq tool!

The kit is simple, portable and extremely easy to use, giving you the perfect char on your food without overcooking the centre. Unlike grilling gadgets *cough, meat claws, cough* you will find dozens of ways to use this griddle.

Create Vegetarian Island in a sea of meat above a gas bbq, briquettes or lump wood. Improve the heat distribution of your oven roasted meats. Place it over camp fire embers for the simplest of camping cookers. Use it as a rack as you dry brine the meat you intend to cook later.

Standard issue stainless steel grills don’t retain and distribute heat evenly and they rarely get hot enough to get that steakhouse finish.  These UK made cast iron grills get irresponsibly hot extremely quickly with just a handful of charcoal. 

You will receive a the cast iron bbq grill and a Universal Grill Handle. 

If you’re struggling to find an unusual present for the bbq enthusiast in your life, look no further than these iron grids. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I strive to post these next working day but I do have a normal job so your patience is appreciated. Please do get in touch if you’ve left it a bit late for a birthday present or similar and I’ll do all I can to get it to you asap.

I use as much recycled material as possible when posting our items so please forgive me if your packaging looks somewhat unsophisticated. If you are buying something as a gift, please let us know. 

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