Canoe Sessions Volume 1: A Hard Fought Pint

After so much rain, the fenland fluvial embankments were way over capacity down at the stretch of the river we chose to paddle. Our plan was a leisurely paddle up stream to the Ferry Boat Inn, have a pint or two, stop for a bite of simply grilled meats on the river bank then amble on back to the set off point. It’s roughly 2 km so should have taken about 40 mins. B*llocks. After an hour of ridiculously hard paddling we looked at the map and realised we were just over half way. We finally figured out it was much easier to hug the bank and avoid the main current.

Anyway, after one of those pints that hits the spot in a way that people write novels about, we floated on back with a quick stop off for a much later lunch than planned.

The food was of course tasty but I’m determined to plan it a little bit further ahead and make something home made for V2 of the Canoe Sessions. Hope you enjoy the video.

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