About Us

The plan: to make and sell things that encourage people to cook outside, all year round.

Me and my friend Chris (a blacksmith) have been making barbecues for fun, for years.

We’re constantly coming up with ideas for things that we find useful. This is our first attempt at selling some.

The word barbecue has two meanings.

It's a cooking technique the best, most delicious and fun way of cooking – just like frying or baking.

But a barbecue (or barbecue, BBQ, or barbie, whatever your preference) is about more than that.

It also evokes the feelings that come from drinking beers outside with your mates while cooking over a fire.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent time surrounded by the forests and lakes of Sweden and Finland.

Taking saunas, fishing and swimming in lakes, and cooking outdoors on long  into summer evenings (that never get properly dark).

You are truly in the wild and have to use your own resources and improvise a lot, while also taking it extremely easy.

This project aims to capture just a tiny bit of that spirit and bring it to people everywhere.

There is no good reason not to cook outside all year round – as long as you’re equipped with a barbecue with a lid and maybe an umbrella.

You can have fun and create great food outside any time of year – even if it’s snowing.

I’m half English and half Swedish.

So is my name, so is this brand.

Martin Björn Axel Perkins