Keeping the Faith

Welcome to the most piecemeal piece of barbecue specific news on the internet. It’s been a while.

Here are a few things I hope you find interesting.

Let there be light(er fluid)
In under 3 weeks, the sun will go down at 19:23. This is exciting. As much as I try to fly the flag for winter barbecue and not wish my life away, I am very much done with winter. Roll on spring. Get the mower out. Let the faint whiff of paraffin fire lighters from a few gardens down drift into my nostrils. I am ready to be warm again.

Late last year, my friend Camille Cabanes painted a beautiful design for some AP t-shirts. It’s taken a while and many samples to find a company to print them to a standard I’d feel comfortable selling but things are looking promising. I found out who made a branded restaurant t-shirt I got 4 years ago which still looks good and asked them to do it. They will screen print the shirts. Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know when they're available so sign up at the bottom of this page if you haven't already. Feel free to let me know what size you take so I can order as many of the most popular sizes as possible. If the samples look good, the first run of 50 should be ready to ship in early April. 

New Stock
We’re in the middle of making a cråp load of stock ready for the summer including a new product or two. The eagled eyed of you might remember seeing a handled hemisphere being used to melt cheese on burgers on the socials. Due to only having one or two at a time, they’ve never ended up on the website. This will soon change and the AP Cloche will be available to up your smash burger game. 

meat ball, burger press and Cloche on an Axel Perkins Plancha

Skewered - Marcus Bawdon
I've been enjoying cooking from this book recently. Sometimes I get caught in a bit of a rut, cooking the same dishes, defaulting to what I know works. This book has just blown the cobwebs out without requiring loads of bizarre, hard to find ingredients. If you do noting else, try cooking pork fillet, basting it with herby oil then melting a load of grated parmesan on it. Here it is on Waterstones if interested.


That's it for now. Not long until sunshine.

Keep the Faith ✊