Smashed Black Pudding Kimchi Cheeseburger

I think my best attribute in the kitchen is knocking up tasty snacks from disparate things in the fridge.

In this episode of Fridge Raid Luncheon , I laid down a pile of kimchi on the AP Plancha, laid a puck of black pudding on top then, using the Heirloom Burger Press smooshed it into a flat burger type compound of blood and half rotten cabbage. Yummy.

It kind of stayed together by virtue of the crust that formed but it did need some help from a slice of American cheese after flipping. I then did something that I can only describe as a lesson learned.

I had a Dirty Burger once in London and they squirted a little bit of vinegary water around the cheeseburger before placing The Cloche over. The steam helps melt the cheese. 

I recalled this In the heat of the moment, and quickly looked around for something that would recreate the effect. I found fish sauce. 

Did it help? Hard to tell as there was already a decent whack of it in the kimchi.

Would I do it again? I would not. The smell was something else.

To dress the bun I went with some finely chopped kimchi in mayonnaise and a few lettuce leaves. Toasted bun. 

The result: Black pudding was its usual earthy, rich self with no shortage of salt. The sourness of the kimchi complemented it fantastically and pairs well with the porkiness of the whole affair. 

Lessons learned:

Black pudding remains a versatile ingredient to keep in the fridge.

This was a salty boy. Glad I didn’t salt the patty like I would raw mince.

Adding raw, undiluted fish sauce to a ripping hot steel creates a smell that can’t be described. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I do these things so you don’t have to.

Kimchi black pudding cheeseburger

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