What's this all about?

This post tries to make some sense of what this business is trying to do and why it’s called Axel Perkins (TLDR: It’s the second half of my Swedish/English Name).

The plan is to make things that encourage people to cook outside all year round. Me and my friend Chris have been making barbecues for fun for years now and we constantly come up with ideas for products that we think people might like. This is the first attempt at selling some of them.

There is no good reason not to cook outside all year round. If it has a lid, it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing. The word barbecue is synonymous with having friends over to drink beers and cook over fire. That is excellent but barbecuing is just a technique to cook - just like frying or oven cooking. Admittedly it is the best, most delicious and fun of them all, but it’s a technique nonetheless.

I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of time in the middle of Scandinavian forests going in and out of saunas, swimming in lakes and cooking outdoors. It’s fun because you have to be resourceful and improvise to make what you want. It’s also fun because you’re drinking bad beer and good whisky while taking it extremely easy with your mates. This project aims to capture just a tiny bit of that and bring it to people.

I’m half Swedish/English. So is my name, so is this brand.



I'm on the right. Mikey Moore is on the left. He's a very talented artisan of metal and wooden furniture. I'm hoping he can turn his hand to grills and such.