The Chimney Topper

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Perfect for home barbecuers looking for a wicked hard sear on their food without overcooking the centre. They’re made out of cast iron in batches of 4 and fit on most standard sized chimney starters.

Traditional barbecue techniques struggle to hit high enough temperatures without using tons of charcoal. You end up with a barely charred exterior and an overdone centre. This allows you to channel maximum energy from a smaller volume of coal to get deep browning on your food fast.

The Chimney Topper is made of the highest quality cast iron, comes pre seasoned and, with proper care, will last you a lifetime. It’s perfect for browning slow cooked meat and veg and getting beautiful colour on thinner cut steaks that are prone to overcooking.

It measures 22cm across and had been designed to fit the majority of chimneys on the market. 

If you like your steak well done this probably isn’t for you.