Chimney and Topper Kit

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If you want the same results as steak houses and meat-centric Instagrammers without spending thousands of pounds on restaurant grade equipment or massive ceramic eggs, stop browsing and buy one of these babies! 

The kit is a simple, portable and extremely easy to use way to get the perfect char on your food without overcooking the centre. 

Standard issue stainless steel grills don’t retain and distribute heat evenly and they rarely get hot enough to get that steakhouse finish.  These UK made cast iron grills get irresponsibly hot extremely quickly.

The kit comes fully loaded with restaurant grade charcoal (I have a lot of that by the way) to get you cooking over extremely high heat straight out the box.

How much money have you wasted on nice steaks that failed to hit the spot? As I write this, there’s about 6 weeks left of summer - more than enough time to make a return on investment.