Hand Forged Broad Skewers x 4

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If you’ve ever had your food spin around on its axis when you’re trying to move it from searing to indirect heat, you need these skewers.

These broad, hand forged, brushed steel skewers keep your food firmly in place and are the perfect length to complement all conventional sized barbecues.

As well as making flipping and moving a doddle, they’re long enough to handle without getting burnt when cooking hard and fast on a chimney topper.

Unlike thin wooden or stainless steel skewers, these are heavy duty and will last you a lifetime. Keep them seasoned and hang them with pride next to your cast iron wares until it’s time to pass them down to your grandkids.

Each skewer is hand made in the UK and pressed with the AP brand while at around 600 c.

Perfect for churrasco, tandoori and shish style cookery.

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