Heirloom Burger Press MK3

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If you’ve ever craved a delicious smash burger at home only to be met with a sweaty soggy mess via moped delivery, you need this burger press. 

The new improved press has a thicker, flatter handle for more weight and a much nicer feel in your hands. Upgrade to this, give your old one away as a gift!

Our burger presses are hand made in the UK using high quality mild steel and hand seasoned one at a time to ensure a beautiful patina finish on each and every product. All are stamped with the Axel Perkins brand. Keep it dry, season occasionally and it’ll last many lifetimes. 

Just roll up a ball of minced meat or vegetables, season to taste then introduce it to a very hot surface. By giving it a good smash and smoosh with your new burger press the cooking surface area increases and the maillard reaction is maximised.

Watch closely as the most delicious chemical reaction takes place. Proteins react with amino acids. A brown, crunchy crust forms. The smell stimulates the ancient, limbic part of your brain.  Flip it once. Top it with cheese and build the tastiest burger you’ve ever made.

Delicious awaits.


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